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*All vehicles have realistic logos included in the free required dependencies for each pack. Please make sure to download the correct dependency pack for them to work properly.*


Compatibility Notice:
This model was designed for, and tested in Trainz: A New Era, Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 and, Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022, we cannot guarantee compatibility for other versions of Trainz.


This pack includes:

-QNS&L C40-8M .-


-Railway and era specific details
-Operating class lights ( where applicable )
-Unique variations and numbering based on real locomotives
-Static ( non-functioning ) custom cab interior
-Automatic Alpha Numbers ( where applicable )
-Animated bell


Script by Jointed Rail, ARN Library by wulf_9


Dependencies NOT included:
<kuid2:45324:6408:7> “ C40-8 engine “
<kuid2:45324:53007:2> “ GE 7FDL16 Diesel engine sounds (late) “
<kuid2:45324:54002:8> “ Locomotive sound effects library v1.3 “
<kuid2:45324:555246:4> “ Jointed Rail Train Effects library v1.43 “
<kuid2:104722:2501039:1> “ Arn library, v2.51 “


Model & Textures by cometcrush & masashiranui
Horn by cometcrush & masashiranui

QNS&L C40-8M

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