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All vehicles have realistic logos included in the free required dependencies for each pack. Please make sure to download the correct dependency pack for them to work properly located at our Freeware>Miscellaneous page.


Compatibility Notice:
This model was designed for, and tested in Trainz: A New Era and Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 we cannot guarantee compatibility for other versions of Trainz.


This pack includes:

-EMDX SD70ACe-T4 1500 -UP concept ver.-
-EMDX SD70ACe-T4 1600a -UP concept ver.-
-EMDX SD70ACe-T4 1600b -UP concept ver.-
-EMDX SD70ACe-T4 1600c -UP concept ver.-
-EMDX SD70ACe-T4 1600d -UP concept ver.-
-EMDX SD70ACe-T4 7200a -UP concept ver.-
-EMDX SD70ACe-T4 7200b -UP concept ver.-


-Railway and era specific details
-Unique variations and numbering based on real locomotives
-Automatic Alpha Numbers ( where applicable )


Script by Jointed Rail, ARN Library by wulf_9


Dependencies NOT included:
<kuid2:45324:6702:7> SD70ACe engine 
<kuid2:45324:54002:8> Locomotive sound effects library v1.3 
<kuid2:45324:555246:5> Jointed Rail Train Effects library v1.42 
<kuid2:104722:2501039:1> Arn library, v2.51 
<kuid:450586:433101> EMD SD70ACe-T4 12-1010J enginesound 
<kuid:-25:537> DDA40X interior

Model, Textures and, Horns by cometcrush, masashiranui, and placercountytrain

EMD SD70ACe-T4 EMDX UP Concept Ver.

SKU: 450586L-10
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$10.19Sale Price
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