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How we started?

Flamerailzzz, the founder of Flamerailzzz Trainz,  was in Content Manager one day making

assets and decided "I want to deliver what no other does to the Trainz Family" and 3 days later this site "Flamerailzzz Trainz DLC" was born in October 2017 and has been in content creation ever since.

Throughout this long journey, a team of talented content creators within this great community have come together and partnered with

Flamerailzzz to bring the player base an amazing in game experience!


Why use our content ?

We believe in making content that our hearts as

railfans or train enthusiasts really desire. Our mission is not to compete or provide quantity over quality, but to make your Trainz experience

just a little bit better 1 asset at a time. Without

 the support of each and every one of you, none of

this is possible.

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