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On this page are our available Freeware Routes. There are maps for Trainz Simulator 12 and Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019. 


10 Mile Fictional Route Based off the Attractive Scenery, Historic Landmarks, and Day to Day Life of Southern Georgia in the Norfolk Southern and CSXT Divisions.


This is the module for the most famous wye in the state of Georgia! Pick your railfanning spot in Austell, Georgia and enjoy the action! NOW INCLUDING THE TRAINZ 2019 VERSION!

rbmn main thumb.jpg

Welcome to the READING & NORTHERN regional railroad. The route represents roughly 65 miles of this diverse and dynamic real-life railroad. The route runs through much of the remaining areas of Anthracite coal mining activity in eastern Pennsylvania.  The route is completely prototypical and highly accurate and has been modeled down to the finest detail. Data was collected from real employees and experts to ensure this is one of the most accurate recreations of a real railroad ever to be released for Trainz. Experience wilderness and wildlife, adventure and surprises as you wind your train through the mountains and farmlands and towns of eastern Pennsylvania and the Appalachian mountains.


A Small one baseboard detailed loop route for train spectating. 

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