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NJT 4100

These locomotives were built as CNJ 3600 GP40P types. They were later converted to have an APU generator instead of a steam boiler, supplying electricity to newer carriages. They retained their original shape until being rebuilt again by Conrail with a larger APU that gave them their distinctive look and new designation: GP40PH-2.

Today, only three remain in revenue service, while others are either retired or converted to works locos, used for maintenance, rescue, or infrastructure projects. Some of the 4100s have had their APUs completely removed and had the rear ladder replaced with a staircase, among other small changes. Of the three in revenue service, two are special heritage locomotives painted in the liveries they once wore. #4101 is painted into the livery of the New Jersey Department of Transportation ( NJDOT ), while #4109 is painted into the livery of the Central Railroad of New Jersey ( CNJ ).

Best Selling Item!

100% Prototypical 

Major Landmark in the world of route releases.

Precision Construction

Using TransDEM, Google Earth, and Information from Engineers and Fellow Railfans, this route was possible!

Top Notch Environmental Quality!

Utilizes Amongst The Best Of Assets to add life to your experience!

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