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The Viewliner is a single level rail car that entered regular revenue Amtrak service in 2014, but has been in the development for many years. It lives in its Phase III " Amtrak America" paint scheme and its famous Phase IVb paint scheme and operates all throughout the Eastern United States.


Compared to our previous release of viewliner products, these 7 models take it a step futher in detail, construction, and compatibility! Give it a try!


Features: 2 Texture Variations, Nightmode, Functional Marker Lights ( TANE and newer versions )  , Alpha A.R.N. (Automatic Running Numbers) ( Automatically done in T:ANE+, For TS2009, TS2010, TS2012- Manual Application ) , Scripted Name Plates for Viewliner Diner & Sleepers.


TS12 compatible versions are for use with TS09, TS10 and, TS12 but features are limited ( lights and name plates do not function ), however, name plate textures are included if you choose your favorite name to apply. Alpha Numbers are manual, use the “ ? “ icon to set them. Note that they have only been tested in TS10.


Huge Shoutout to Jointed Rail for their assistance with the development of these models.


Model and Skins made by : cometcrush 

Amtrak Viewliner Set

SKU: 450586RS-1
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