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*Product images are display only. All vehicles have realistic logos and the HORN ASSET included in the FREE required dependencies for each pack. Please make sure to download the correct dependency pack for them to work properly VIA the MISC Page! *

Compatibility Notice:
This model was designed for, and tested in Trainz: A New Era, Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 and, Trainz Railroad Simulator 2022, we cannot guarantee compatibility for other versions of Trainz.

This pack includes:
Four vehicles, of early and late delivery with two variations.

-BCOL C40-8M 4600a -clean ver.-
-BCOL C40-8M 4600b -clean ver.-
-BCOL C40-8M 4600a -dirty ver.-
-BCOL C40-8M 4600b -dirty ver.-

-Railway and era specific details
-Operating class lights ( where applicable )
-Unique variations and numbering based on real locomotives
-Static ( non-functioning ) custom cab interior
-Automatic Alpha Numbers ( where applicable )
-Animated bell

Script by Jointed Rail

ARN Library by wulf_9 


Dependencies NOT included:
<kuid2:45324:6408:7> “ C40-8 engine “
<kuid2:45324:53007:2> “ GE 7FDL16 Diesel engine sounds (late) “
<kuid2:45324:54002:8> “ Locomotive sound effects library v1.3 “
<kuid2:45324:555246:4> “ Jointed Rail Train Effects library v1.43 “
<kuid2:104722:2501039:1> “ Arn library, v2.51 “

Model & Textures by cometcrush
Horn by cometcrush & masashiranui

BCOL C40-8M Base Pack

SKU: 450586-L1
Excluding Sales Tax
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